What can I do to extend the battery life cycle?

We know that the battery has a certain life cycle, just like the life of a person, there is a certain period of time, we can not guarantee the decay of the battery life cycle, but can extend its life cycle. So what can be done?

The first is that when the battery is dead, the battery cannot be left in a dormant state. This is also called “over-discharge.” The battery should be charged periodically even when the battery is not in use. However, it is not possible to charge the battery with a high-voltage charger for a long time. One charge is overnight, which is wrong, and it is easy to cause the battery to be deformed. In addition, charging the battery should be a small amount of charge. Because the battery life cycle is determined to some extent by the charge and discharge cycle. The above is a little knowledge about ensuring the battery life cycle.


Post time: Sep-18-2019
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