Battery Testing

The purpose of battery testing
Batteries have a long history of development, and today power tools are constantly growing. Therefore, the requirements for batteries are getting higher and higher, and battery testing is particularly important. In general, the purpose of  battery testing is for two reasons:
1. Understand the characteristics of the battery. Tests are needed to understand the battery’s capacity, internal resistance, voltage, temperature, cycle life and other characteristics. These characteristics are required to demonstrate whether the battery under test meets the design goals, and these need to achieve better management and control.
2. Evaluate the battery’s capabilities. It is possible to introduce the characteristics that the battery should meet and to test to verify that the battery under test is up to standard. For example, tests such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, and extrusion puncture will be designed from the perspective of vehicle safety.









Post time: Sep-26-2019
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