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  • How to maintain rechargeable batteries?

    How to maintain rechargeable batteries?

    1. [charge before use] in general, the new nickel metal hydride battery only contains a small amount of electricity, after you buy to charge it Later use. However, if the battery has a short factory life and is fully charged, it is recommended to use it first and then charge it. 2. [best perform...
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  • Classification of batteries

    Classification of batteries

    In recent years, various types of batteries have been widely developed. As a reliable battery manufacturer, we are clearly aware of customer needs and strive to meet all user expectations. This article analyzes battery types from multiple aspects, such as service life, energy density, load chara...
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  • How does a multimeter make a test battery good or bad?

    How does a multimeter make a test battery good or bad?

    method one: Select an appropriate load resistor in parallel between the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The battery voltage has some known relationship with the remaining power, so according to the capacity and use of the battery, then measure the voltage across the resistor to s...
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  • The Winner Of Nobel Prize 2019

      97 years old,John B. Goodenough is known as the father of lithium batteries around the world. Prof.Kehua Dai at the Northeastern University said: “The battery materials we use today were all invented in the 1980s. Without the key findings of Goodenough, lithium batteries may explode...
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  • Bttery Testing

    Use of battery testing equipment The battery detecting device is a device for detecting the battery capacity and various index parameters of the battery. The battery detecting device can effectively monitor the capacity of the battery and various parameters, thereby effectively maintaining the ba...
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  • Capacitor Test

    Capacitor test considerations 1. Before operating the capacitor test instrument, read the instructions in detail or under the guidance of a professional technician to avoid misuse. 2. Note that the power input cable should be the same as the instrument power outlet. In addition, since the liquid ...
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  • Battery Testing

    The purpose of battery testing Batteries have a long history of development, and today power tools are constantly growing. Therefore, the requirements for batteries are getting higher and higher, and battery testing is particularly important. In general, the purpose of  battery testing is for two...
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  • What can I do to extend the battery life cycle?

    We know that the battery has a certain life cycle, just like the life of a person, there is a certain period of time, we can not guarantee the decay of the battery life cycle, but can extend its life cycle. So what can be done? The first is that when the battery is dead, the battery cannot be lef...
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  • Battery Tester

    Basic functions of the battery tester: The battery tester can quickly detect the static parameters of the battery, such as battery voltage detection, battery internal resistance detection, battery over current detection, battery short circuit protection detection and battery capacity detection, a...
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  • NiMH

    Precautions for the use of NiMH batteries: The NiMH battery you just purchased must be recharged before use. During use, it is recommended to charge after each use, and it is a one-time full, do not charge for a period of time to recharge, which can easily affect the life of nickel-metal hydride ...
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  • Coin Cell

    Introduction of coin cell: The coin cell means a battery with a size like a button. Generally, the coin cell has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness. Because the coin cell is small in size, it is used in various miniature electronic products,Electronic devices such as electronic watches, el...
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  • Auto Battery Tester

    Auto Battery Tester Overview: The auto battery tester is a device that detects the condition of the battery, and the battery plays an important role in the entire car. Therefore, detecting the relevant status of the battery and replacing the battery to be scrapped in advance can effectively impro...
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