• What can I do to extend the battery life cycle?

    We know that the battery has a certain life cycle, just like the life of a person, there is a certain period of time, we can not guarantee the decay of the battery life cycle, but can extend its life cycle. So what can be done? The first is that when the battery is dead, the battery cannot be lef...
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  • Bateria Tester

    Basic functions of the battery tester: The battery tester can quickly detect the static parameters of the battery, such as battery voltage detection, battery internal resistance detection, battery over current detection, battery short circuit protection detection and battery capacity detection, a...
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  • NiMH

    Precautions for the use of NiMH batteries: The NiMH battery you just purchased must be recharged before use. During use, it is recommended to charge after each use, and it is a one-time full, do not charge for a period of time to recharge, which can easily affect the life of nickel-metal hydride ...
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  • Coin Cell

    Introduction of coin cell: The coin cell means a battery with a size like a button. Generally, the coin cell has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness. Because the coin cell is small in size, it is used in various miniature electronic products,Electronic devices such as electronic watches, el...
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  • Auto Battery Tester

    Auto Battery Tester Overview: The auto battery tester is a device that detects the condition of the battery, and the battery plays an important role in the entire car. Therefore, detecting the relevant status of the battery and replacing the battery to be scrapped in advance can effectively impro...
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  • Battery

    The principle of the battery: In chemical batteries, the direct conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy is the result of spontaneous chemical reactions such as oxidation and reduction inside the battery. This reaction is carried out on two electrodes. The negative electrode active ma...
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  • Battery Capacitor Tester

    Capacitor tester introduction: The Capacitor Tester can solve the problem that the capacitor needs to be removed due to the field measurement, which not only has a large workload but also easily damages the capacitor, and can also solve the problem that the output voltage of the capacitance meter...
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  • Battery tester

    Introduction to the battery tester: The battery tester is mainly used to detect current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, battery cycle life, and gives a graph. The battery tester provides multiple channels. It can be started at a single point, single point control, and simult...
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  • Battery mainstay headed for high-tech makeover

    Battery mainstay headed for high-tech makeover

    Industry–national lab collaboration seeks unrealized potential of a venerable battery technology Under this agreement, Argonne and collaborators will use the bright x-ray beams at the laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source to investigate the further potential of lead batteries. (Image by Argon...
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  • Building a Better Battery

    Building a Better Battery

    Educational Programs and Outreach About UsOPEN SUBLIST STEM OutreachOPEN SUBLIST Learning CenterOPEN SUBLIST Learning Labs Camps High School Research Undergraduate ProgramsOPEN SUBLIST Graduate ProgramsOPEN SUBLIST Faculty ProgramsOPEN SUBLIST SHARE ...
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  • Argonne advanced battery research driving to displace gasoline

    Argonne advanced battery research driving to displace gasoline

    Argonne researcher Lynn Trahey loads a coin-sized cell on a testing unit used to evaluate electrochemical cycling performance in batteries. Photo by Wes Agresta. Li-air batteries use a catalytic air cathode that supplies oxygen, an electrolyte and a lithium anode. The technology has the poten...
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  • Diagnosing advanced batteries for a longer life

    Diagnosing advanced batteries for a longer life

    “What we are doing now is looking at batteries in situ: that is, actually watching the battery as it charges and drains, using powerful X-rays from the Advanced Photon Source and electrons from the Electron Microscopy Center. That’s the cutting edge of battery diagnostics.” ...
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