Our People---Who Is Neware

Neware is professional battery testing system manufacturer which headquarter located in shenzhen, China. Neware’s dedicated engineers, professional technicians,producing,sales and post service personnel provide industry leading battery testing solutions to Labs and companies to test cell,battery,EV battery,super capacitor, and energy storage around world.Our extensive experience and proven track record by SAP system ensure clients are satisfied with every Neware product.We appreciate if any feedback.



Our Company---What Neware Do

Certain fluids would generate a continuous flow of electrical power when used as a conductor discovered in 1800 by Volta led to the invention of the first battery.As a new energy,battery plays an important role effect in our life.Neware has been committed to providing world-class battery testing system with hundred models for batteries,battery materials research,capacitors,electric car and energy storage since 1998.As of Aug.2018, Neware services 170,000 sets battery testing system to 26,000 customers. Neware ‘s continued growth making us an even important role in the growing global battery markets.Neware offer extensive models battery testing system and custom design service to battery industry and electrochemistry. 

Our Innovation---Neware R&D Team

There are 3 R&D teams above 150 engineers work hard on battery testing system innovation at Neware.Based on marketoriented business pattern and cost benefit production,persists independent innovation,they always keep improving not only hardware but also software functions and design new models BTS to meet customers testing demands for battery industry.



Our Mission---What Neware Strive For

1: Design and produce highest reliable,extensive models battery testing system,friendly operation software for battery industry.

2: Professional R&D team,experienced sales,work hard post service support world class with timely actions.

3: Invest in R&D,keep innovating,keep improving to advance battery testing technologies for battery industry. 

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